The Dressed Body

27 Sep

” all cultures ‘dress’ the body in some way, be it through clothing, tattooing, cosmetics or other forms of body painting”

” Particular discourses of dress, such as ‘smart’ or ‘professional’ dress and particular strategies of dress, such as the imposition of uniform and dress codes at work”


The body can be dressed in many different ways. It can be viewed through clothing, tattooing, or even body painting. Every culture has different ways and customs of the dressed body. For example, in India the dress culture is different then in the U.S., women in India wear a sari. A sari is a strip of unstitched cloth that runs about 4-9 meters in length and is draped over the body in different styles. The fabrics are colorful and have incredible detailing of beads and embroidery.

It is said to believe that wearing the right clothes is important in certain situations or places. For example, where you work may have a dress code. For corporate offices you have to look smart and professional. So proper attire is wearing a suit with tie. For a woman it’s wearing clothes that is not revealing. Wearing a blazer and slacks would be appropriate. It’s more important and more difficult for woman because their clothing is more form fitting then the opposite sex. Being dressed is very important to a lot of people. Not only at work but if you are dressed in something that is out of the norm in a certain occasion or situation people will see and view you differently. If someone attends a black tie event and a person is wearing a t-shirt and jeans or anything outside of the norm people would look and judge them. This takes me back to thinking about the alter ego project.

When wearing clothing it is said that it stands up on it’s own. I believe this statement is true because you can tell stuff about a person by the way they are dressed. Sometimes even on what they are wearing you can have an idea of where this person is going or coming from. The dressed body can sometimes speak for its self, it may not always be right but you can always have an idea.

“Human bodies are dressed bodies”


One Response to “The Dressed Body”

  1. Prof Lung October 2, 2012 at 1:15 am #

    Body Painting reference is great! I once went to an opening where the food was served on women……

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