Bodice with Sleeve

2 Oct

Oh Pattern-making class…….

Your not so bad as I thought you would be. At the beginning, I was completely lost and stressed out thinking to myself I cant do this. As soon as I made my first line with my ruler and followed the steps it suddenly clicked and I was on a role. It started becoming a bit fun. But as soon as I started getting the hang of it here comes the corrections part, aka the hardest part for me. It’s officially engraved in my head: walking, ease, notches, seam allowance.  I was worried because my pieces weren’t lining up as i thought they would. I finally got it to work. Thank goodness for my class mates and all their help.

Getting ready to cut

Cut out Pieces

Can’t forget the DARTS!! (almost did)

It’s coming together, Almost Done!

The final look of my half bodice with sleeve



Flat Drawing:

(I’m very bad a drawing but pretty decent at tracing 😉 so illustrator was a better choice to go)


One Response to “Bodice with Sleeve”

  1. natashamreyes October 5, 2012 at 12:46 am #

    classmates?? Get real! you mean ME! lol

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