Shop-Window Dummies?

2 Oct
” The body in fashion is simply a mannequin or shop window dummy- it is the clothing, rather than the wearing of it, that is regarded as significant.”
” I developed blisters just trotting around my apartment. I couldn’t wear the shoes out of the house, because my feet hurt so much. I couldn’t move quickly or take big steps, the heels were so high.”
” High street fashion responds to designs and trends outlined by the industry’s elite”
  • website: “Yves Saint Laurent, Naomi Campbell, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and what looks like Kate Moss.”

Clothing on the body is what’s more viewed and more important. The body in fashion is a simple mannequin or shop-window dummy and it’s all about what the mannequin is wearing. Clothing may identify who you are, what social group are you from and what social status you are. The way you dress the body may maintain a distinction between different social groups. For example, business people, business people are always dressed in suits with button up woven, tie and nice dress shoes. Same dress as for women. You can tell by the way they are dressed that they belong in the same social group. The way you dress can also be because of your social status. A lot of people that are wealthy spend a lot on clothing. They buy a lot of high-end clothing and accessories and live up to their social status. Some of those people won’t be caught shopping for clothes at target or forever 21. You can tell who are the fashion elite. They are the people that are well known in the fashion industry. They are always up to date with fashion.  Fashion can show a difference in people, their social groups and social status.

Trying to look your best sometimes may cause some temporary pain. For instance, heels may cause a lot of pain to your feet. A lot of women don’t like to wear them because they can be uncomfortable, especially for a long amount of time. What women do to fit in and look their best. But even though when dressing the body and people only seeing the outside in what your dressed in, dressing can help someone’s self confidence. A lot of people dress to blend in because they might be insecure of their body or self esteem. Trying to stand out and look your best always helps, even though what’s significant is what’s on the body.


( Pictures of window displays that are amazing for example- Bergdorf Goodman NY Dec.2008)


One Response to “Shop-Window Dummies?”

  1. Prof Lung October 4, 2012 at 2:01 am #

    No high heel pain for this lady, too much like bound feet.

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