Minding Appearance

4 Oct



” The mind, of course, is engaged in these situated bodily activities, isasmuch, as it is in the body and critically frames, organizes, manages and interprets perceptions of the dressed body and it’s relation to the social world.”

” How can I know when I am focused on how I look? To what extent does my appearance style represent or create truth(s) about who I am?”

“The process of minding appearance is ideally suited to the construction of collages that mix metaphors, individually and collectively”.

Minding appearances is visual. It’s something that happens to us everyday. Everything we see may give us a feeling or gets our minds thinking. We see people everyday and minding appearance gets us thinking about identities and how people identify themselves with the clothing they put on their body. People explore and evaluate their identities. Many people wonder how they look, and to what extent do their appearance start representing on whom they are. A lot of people worry about what they wear everyday because just thinking that you will be around people and one of the first things they see is what your wearing. Visual plays an important role everyday. There are people that don’t really care about what people think because they are confident in themselves. They way you are dressed for certain occasions is important. People are very comfortable with the norm that when seeing someone dressed a certain way is shocking to them. I believe that you shouldn’t judge people on the way they are dressed. People should be happy that they are wearing clothes and not walking around nude.

Minding appearances enables the visual and expresses ‘who I am and who I am becoming’. I think it’s important to express your self in a way where you tell people through dress of who you are. It’s ok to stand out and not be part of the norm. Through dress everyone goes through transitions of style. Today you can dress the way you usually dress and slowly transition to what you are going to become. It can be a simple scarf, different style shoes from what you usually wear, or even a different hairstyle.




One Response to “Minding Appearance”

  1. professor lung October 5, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

    yes it is visual, a way to communicate without speaking

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