Field work

5 Oct

The place I went to observe they way people dress was at Del Amo fashion Center in Torrance, Ca. Torrance is a city very close to the beach. People dressed very casual and laid back. What I realized was that there is a lot of loungewear and basic comfortable clothes like active wear or a basic jean and a t-shirt. It is rare to see people very into fashion. A lot of people have their own fashion and have their own identities. I tried to walk around the outside promenade part because that’s were you can find people usually shopping because of the movie theater and restaurants. I noticed there weren’t a lot of women out this evening. And if there was they were in their yoga pants or still in their work attire. There were more men out that caught my attention. I noticed a couple of them where wearing tanks and shorts still even though it’s fall. There were a couple guys wearing street wear brands that had the brands name clearly stated onto their shirts. It was interesting to see that the people I would notice or catch my attention were men and I could identify them or put them in sub cultures. I noticed that I automatically started to think when I didn’t even know who they are, just how it is described in our textbook. By observing these guys and they way they act and carry themselves you could tell that this person identifies themselves through clothing. In this assignment I was a bit nervous and felt a little like a stalker. But these are the pictures I got.



One Response to “Field work”

  1. professor lung October 5, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    interesting about the men, i wonder why? more money, unemployed, work night jobs?

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