From Fashion to Masquerade

9 Oct

” we prefer the beauty of myth and illusion, dress and manners to the troublesome ugliness of reality with it’s dreary catalogue of wars, pestilences and famines.”

“fashion can be hardly theorized without reference to gender. ..theorizing fashion is theorizing femininity”

Masquerade has a relationship with fashion. When going to a masquerade ball people dress up and wear masks. Being dressed up for a masquerade and wearing a mask gives a person a different appearance and conceals their identity. You hide behind a mask so no one sees who you are. People now and days still try to hide their identities because they are afraid of what people might say. They dress like everyone else and blend in. They hide who they really are. But there are the few that are not ashamed and show who they are. Masquerade shares a relationship with fashion because in fashion people try to hide their identity or be in disguise instead of standing out. In a masquerade people like that its performance and the beauty that comes with it. The myth and illusion that covers the ugliness of reality is what excites people. It’s sad how people are so comfortable living in certain lifestyles that they are afraid to show and dress the way they want and express who they really are. Fashion is a way to express yourself through dress.

In France at the turn of the century, masquerade was involved in clothing and costume as signs of homosexuality. It was a way for a woman to be dressed in masquerade as a man and not be able to tell her real identity as a woman. Also went the same for a man dressing up as women and no one finding out because he’s covering his real identity through clothing and mask. People like to be in camouflage to try to remain invisible and unlabeled.



One Response to “From Fashion to Masquerade”

  1. Prof Lung October 10, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    what is an example of how fashion expresses who you are – esp. main stream.

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