Performing Selfhood

16 Oct

” The major artistic genre in Elizabeth and Jacobean England was the art of portraiture. This is a medium through which the costumed body in Renaissance England can be examined.”

” The Renaissance was also the golden age of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.”

” The costumed body in that period was, as i shall show, a site of mediation between real life, the visual arts and the art of the theatre. All these areas of human activity participated in the discourse of performance, which was paradigmatic to the age.”

Real life, the art of the theatre and visual arts such as portraiture all share a relationship with performance. The clothing had life and meaning. The costumed body in the Renaissance era was visual and was very dramatic. The art of portraiture was very popular in the Renaissance. It was used as self-advertisement for the powerful people in the English society. It has been the most important source for the study of the costume in this period. Theatre was also popular in the Renaissance because it was the age of Shakespeare. All the clothing was similar in style but there was a distinction of reality versus imagination. The wardrobe of theatrical costumes was everyday apparel.

When they say that ‘all the world’s a stage’, the first thing that I think of is that you got to look your best when your going out into the real world. First impressions always count. When you’re meeting someone new or even seeing the same people all the time. I like to be comfortable all the time. I’m a simple person that wear’s basic clothing. I dress up for special occasions or when I feel the confidence to. I sometimes I wish I could be one of those people that do their hair, makeup and dress their best everyday.

It would have been interesting to live in the Renaissance era. The dress was so theatrical and dramatic. The way the dresses were made with royal colors and how women wore corsets to be thinner. Of course you would have to be wealthy to own many dresses in all different styles. But just to be elegant everyday is a lot of work but seems so fancy and exciting.



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  1. madeatcsula October 17, 2012 at 3:13 am #

    where is the real world?

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