Manliness, Modernity and the Shaping of Male Clothing

18 Oct

“Any man, whatever his build, can always be measured with the great accuracy by means of the common inch tape…”

“…urged readers who were making the transition from theory to practice to ‘remember always that your hands are going about sensitive intelligent man, and not a horseblock”.

When I read this quote I thought about Abercrombie& Fitch

” Here a well-proportioned physical frame, with dress cut tightly to suggest muscular form and brightly to accentuate the possession of fashionable knowledge, could stand as a symbol of modernity; and to the wearer at least these attributes could come together to constitute a form of sexual attractiveness”.

The chapter talks about how in the late eighteenth century; tailors would make one pattern that fit the ideal body. The ideal body was average height, about 5’10 and had an athletic fit. Then eventually realized that the pattern they used didn’t fit every male body and that even man was different. They learned how to measure the different body parts required to make a perfect fit. They even learned to stand and kneel down when taking a measurement of a part of the body where the male may feel insecure.

When I think about men and fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is that that in present day I have met a lot of men that don’t pay a lot of attention to what they wear. But I have noticed walking down the street that there are a lot of men that do. Some men can wear the same outfit all day and some change up to two to three times a day. Reading the chapter I noticed that men are usually the tailors. Men know about structure and how the male’s body is built. But I also question myself on how there are a lot of male fashion designers that design for women’s apparel. I noticed that women designers are good at draping and knows women’s curves and add a feminine touch to the garment. A male designer knows and is well at structural design. A tailor knows and specializes in a male’s body structure. Everyone’s body is different. Every male’s body is different and talented tailors can make a suit on any shape and size. I also noticed that in movies when a wealthy man is getting fitted for a suit of just getting fitted for a special occasion the tailor is a male. I think if you have the money to pay to get your suit tailored I would. It would fit more comfortably and fit you perfectly.



One Response to “Manliness, Modernity and the Shaping of Male Clothing”

  1. madeatcsula October 19, 2012 at 2:34 am #

    what’s the difference from those that do and those that don’t

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