Desire and Dread: Alexander McQueen

25 Oct

Alexander McQueen was in incredible designer. He graduated from MA Fashion Design course at Central Saint Martins in London in February 1992. His first collection was Victorian inspired. He focused on the dark side of the nineteenth century. His collections were dark and fierce. The themes of sex, death and commerce intertwined. People viewed his collections the wrong way. He showed women being abused and the themes were on rape, war, sex and death. But the inspiration came from the power of women. He likes to portray women as strong instead of a victim. It was the relationship between victim and aggressor. Marquis de Sade had the same views.

I have always heard of Alexander McQueen but never took the time to see his work. But after researching and looking at his work he became one of my favorite designers. At first while reading, since I didn’t know much about him, I was a little bit shocked and frightened. What he used for his inspiration for his designs was a little out there to me. I then did some research and it made more sense to me. The details he does on his garment are amazing. The shapes and curves and the structure where eye catching. I couldn’t stop looking at his work. I kept researching and researching. Just by looking at his work I found inspiration. He inspired me and made me open my eyes to things that can get your mind thinking and that any thing can be an inspiration. He inspired me with the lace details on a window display. I wish I could own a piece of his clothing. Taking this class has opened my mind to being creative and when looking at something to really observe it, look at the detail and really take it in.



One Response to “Desire and Dread: Alexander McQueen”

  1. Prof Lung October 30, 2012 at 12:19 am #

    how can you not take the time to investigate the great fashion icons of our time!

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