Final garment ideas

7 Nov

The whole quarter I had envisioned what I wanted to do for my final project. I still wanted to keep my original plan and use the exhibit as inspiration to pick out my fabric. The exhibition had a dark feeling to it so I decided to of course incorporate black fabric. Behind the dark feeling that it gave me, there were bright colors that would stand out. The color that stood out for me was purple and a florescent pink. The piece I chose to focus on was Barron Lacroix (2010). It’s an older man in a black suit, standing on a platform. There are skulls represented in the piece. The background has a lot of different colored leaves, outlined with a different color. For my final garment I chose to make a peplum top. I would use the bodice sloper without the darts and add on the bottom hem to make into a peplum. For the peplum I would use the slash and pivot technique. For my bottom I will be making a skirt around mid thigh length. I will be using the skirt sloper. The fabrics I will be using are woven, cotton.


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