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Final project garment

30 Nov

Princess-line Peplum dress with oversized bow




My inspiration from the Fowler Museum in UCLA was Barron Lacroix, which had a lot of colors. It’s a man wearing a suit with a bow tie, so I took the bow tie into inspiration and made it oversized in a women’s peplum dress.

proud of myself with my final result :]


Alter Identity Project

8 Nov

For my alter identity final project, I chose to focus on Teen pregnancy. I chose to do teen pregnancy because it’s something we see a lot today and people view them differently. I also chose to do this project because I want to know how it feels to be stared at, I want to put myself in teen moms shoes. For dress I will be creating a fake belly and wear it under my clothes. I will be observing how people look at me and how I am treated differently when I’m pregnant and how it made me feel. Since this is teen pregnancy I will be wearing clothing brands that young women wear. For example, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Skate/ Surf brands and Pink by Victoria Secret. I will be visiting grocery stores, going to family functions, church, work, and even out with friends.

Teen pregnancy is hard because you are young and put your life on hold. You can’t do certain things you did before you were pregnant. A lot of people have different opinions on teen pregnancy. For example my parents are very traditional and feel that someone should be married before having a baby. I feel by doing this project everyone close aroud me can learn something from it as well.


Final garment ideas

7 Nov

The whole quarter I had envisioned what I wanted to do for my final project. I still wanted to keep my original plan and use the exhibit as inspiration to pick out my fabric. The exhibition had a dark feeling to it so I decided to of course incorporate black fabric. Behind the dark feeling that it gave me, there were bright colors that would stand out. The color that stood out for me was purple and a florescent pink. The piece I chose to focus on was Barron Lacroix (2010). It’s an older man in a black suit, standing on a platform. There are skulls represented in the piece. The background has a lot of different colored leaves, outlined with a different color. For my final garment I chose to make a peplum top. I would use the bodice sloper without the darts and add on the bottom hem to make into a peplum. For the peplum I would use the slash and pivot technique. For my bottom I will be making a skirt around mid thigh length. I will be using the skirt sloper. The fabrics I will be using are woven, cotton.

Dress, Gender and Public Display

1 Nov

A females exposed body parts can mean different things in different cultures. In this chapter they give comparisons on the Kalabari tribe and the Euro American women. In the Kalabari tribe the way a woman is dressed starts with child hood and physical maturation and ends with the expected status of marriage. Dress tells a lot because the horizontal lines of women wrappers and blouses emphasize the roundness of the fertile or potentially fertile woman. The Kalabari tribe has an ideal shape for a woman’s body. The more plumped they were the more they where ready to give birth to a child.  The meaning of having a wider waist was to show people that they have given childbirth and contributed to the tribe.

It’s true how a woman’s body is always more exposed then a male’s body. It can be different occasions, as a uniform, or even on a daily basis. I think this statement is true because at my old job at Hot Dog on a Stick, the girls would wear short shorts and a semi tight shirt. The guys would wear long shorts with loose fitting shirt. All the uniforms looked the same but the girls attire always had to be a bit more revealing. Even in special occasions as in a wedding the bride is meant to wear white to show she is a virgin. It’s tradition to wear white on your wedding day but today it is rare to see that. A lot of bridal companies make their dresses in ivory. The wedding dresses expose skin on the shoulders and arms and sometimes shows a lot of cleavage. A man’s attire to the wedding is a suit that covers him from neck to toe. I feel like woman today feel like the only way they can feel “sexy” or secure is to show a lot of skin to catch a male’s attention. It’s sad because a man should be attracted to you for who you are and not how much clothes you are wearing.

Ivory wedding dress

Tribal woman exposing skin

Even at work women show more skin then men